Heartburn Cancer UK are committed to raising awareness about the dangers of persistent heartburn and are dedicated to helping those diagnosed with Barrett's oesophagus or oesophageal cancer.  To assist with this mission HCUK encourages the creation of Support Groups, ideally within a clinical setting and with the assistance of a specialist nurse.

At this time we assist a number of Groups who support sufferers of Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal cancer, as well as their families. We currently have groups based in Basingstoke, Cambridge and London. These groups work within the Heartburn Cancer Code of Practice, which ensures a consistent, high quality of help and advice across our network.

If you do not have a support network near you, have you thought about setting one up?

How do I start at HCUK Affiliated Support Group?

Where possible, you will need the support of your gastroenterology department and be able to request they assist you by contacting others diagnosed with a similar condition to you.  They will have access to a database of Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal cancer sufferers that may wish to be part of a support group.  Your contact will need to send a letter on your behalf (due to GDPR) advising their patients of what you are doing and why.  HCUK are happy to provide the letter for your consultant/specialist nurse to send.  Perhaps, we could also supply them with posters and/or flyers to display in their waiting room to help raise awareness. 

Heartburn Cancer UK will provide 'seed' funding to help establish such groups and will support with initial administration and communication.  Once set-up, groups will be encouraged to maintain contact with their specialist nurse and Heartburn Cancer UK.

Group Code of Practice

Should the Group wish/agree to identify with and support the aims and objectives of HCUK then further benefits would be made available.  Please read our Code of Practice for further information.

Additional criteria

  • The Group should consist of a minimum of 3 people (there is no maximum).  You might like to consider forming a committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  
  • You raise public/medical and political awareness in your local area of heartburn and/or reflux and it's link with Barrett's and oesophageal cancer.
  • Provide support to local sufferers and those connected with them
  • Raise funds to make these aims possible for local initiatives such as a piece of equipment for your gastroenterology department.

Branding requirements

We would ask that the Group recognise the relationship with Heartburn Cancer UK on all communication documents, by supporting our aims, use of our Logo. This could entail PR and Fundraising and possibly the use of HCUK in the title chosen for your Group i.e. HCUK Barrett's London and HCUK East Anglia etc.  For internal awareness copies of your groups minutes/notes would be appreciated.  We will offer you support, publicity information and anything else you might need, just ask. 

Lastly, how you raise awareness and funds is entirely up to your members, as long as you follow the charity branding and that it is legal!