We were thrilled to hear this week that, following the latest meeting of their grant making committee, The Hospital Saturday Fund have awarded Heartburn Cancer UK a grant of £2000 towards our Mobile Diagnostic Unit project. 

The Hospital Saturday Fund logo

The Hospital Saturday Fund is a registered charity whose aims are to provide assistance for registered health charities, hospices, medical organisations and individuals with a medical condition or disability.

We are extremely grateful for this generous donation.  It will make a big difference to our project, piloting a new screening test, The Cytosponge, to look for early cell changes in those with persistent heartburn, Barrett's oesophagus or those who are taking prescribed anti-reflux medication.  The test will significantly improve rates of early diagnosis of oesophageal cancer, leading to a better long term prognosis and ultimately lives saved.  There is more information about the project in our recent news article

If you are inspired to contribute towards this innovation and make a lasting difference to those who are at risk of oesophageal cancer than please click on the button below.  Every donation makes a difference.