You may have read about Bob, Pete and David on our social media back in July.  They were our awesome HCUK team at The Brighton Marathon on Sunday.  Bob was diagnosed with stage 4 oesophageal cancer earlier this year and has been focussing on reaching the finish line of this fantastic event to keep his spirits up.  He had trained, along with Pete and David - who we think are some of the best mates anyone could wish for...

Pete had promised that he and Bob would cross the finish line of this event together, to raise awareness of oesophageal cancer as a condition and to give Bob something to look forward to during his gruelling treatment.  Sadly, Bob's health deteriorated in the weeks approaching the race and he wasn't able to attend but this only made Pete and David even more determined to complete the challenge and to wear their HCUK vests with - the addition of Bob's name on the front - with pride


Despite being in a lot of pain by 10K having injured his foot, Pete dug deep and carried on, focussed on Bob and everything he was going through.  By mile mile 19 the pain had caused him to slow the pace right down so David went on ahead but giving up wasn't an option because Bob was waiting for that call to say his mates had completed the race.  At mile 22, with pain everywhere from his hip down Pete was forced to walk until the finish line was in sight.  At this point he face timed Bob and told him, as promised, that they were about to finish the race together.  Pete explains "I switched my camera around and Bob had a full view of us running together and crossing the finishing line.  From the moment of the call I started running not walking, it was super emotional and I'm not gonna lie, I had a little cry.  But all the pain was worth my while."

We can't thank you guys enough, that with everything else you are up against you invested time in supporting HCUK.

It's not too late to add to the amazing fundraising that Bob, Pete and David have already achieved through their Just Giving page.  Every pound raised allows us to work towards a better prognosis for those diagnosed with oesophageal cancer.

If this story has inspired you to put on your running shoes and try out 26.2 miles for yourself then why not sign up to support HCUK via this fantastic event next year or browse our full range of events and see if there is another one that takes your fancy!