PRESS RELEASE - Heartburn Cancer UK – 04/09/19

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New campaign asks the Burning Question……is it really just Heartburn? The answer could save your life

A new awareness campaign, launched by a specialist cancer charity based in Basingstoke, hopes to save lives by getting more people to question – and act on – a very common condition which can be an early warning sign that something is seriously wrong.

Despite medical advances, the UK still has the highest levels of oesophageal cancer in the world. Every year some 8,000 people die in the UK from the disease. It is also the 4th biggest cause of cancer deaths among males.

This disappointing league table topping position is blamed mainly on late diagnosis. Not enough people in the UK spot, and take action, on early signs that the disease is developing.

People are unaware that simple, straightforward heartburn should not merely be dismissed.

It can be an early symptom of the disease, and getting it checked out – if it stays for more than three weeks – could save your life.

To encourage more people to question the condition, Heartburn Cancer UK has launched ‘The Burning Question’ Awareness Campaign. The campaign will raise awareness to prevent deaths from the disease by spotting the early warning signs and raise awareness of Heartburn Cancer UKs fundraising efforts to raise money to expand the awareness campaign across the country, support sufferers and promoting research and education.

Mimi McCord, Heartburn Cancer UK’s Chairman said: “The new campaign is aimed at making people think more and ignore less.

“Being more questioning could just save your life.

“Question yourself, has it been there for 3 weeks or more and then book an appointment and question your GP about getting it checked out.”

Mimi knows first-hand the potentially devastating consequences of not questioning persistent heartburn.  

Her husband Michael died just 9 weeks after being diagnosed of oesophageal cancer aged 47. Shocking for Mimi and their children Kate and Jonathan.  Michael regularly took antacids for heartburn never realising it was a warning sign of something more.

The first part of the Burning Question awareness campaign – initially based on radio adverts – has already boosted referrals for endoscopies in the area.

Bold advertising on buses and at train stations from Friday 27th September will kick off the next stage of the plan.

Shortly followed by the Heartburn 100k Challenge which will pulling out all the stops to raise funds to expand the awareness campaign into different counties across the country.

More information can also be found on the Heartburn Cancer UK website at