PRESS RELEASE - Heartburn Cancer UK – 05/12/19

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Heartburn isn’t unusual over the festive season… but ask yourself was it there before the brussel sprouts and Xmas pud? The answer could save your life.

Heartburn Cancer UK, a charity based in Basingstoke, wants you to have a fantastic Christmas! And we all know it’s a time of year when we might over indulge a little with all the delicious treats the party season has to offer. Many of us are likely to suffer from heartburn. 40% of people will in fact have heartburn at some point in their life. The question the charity wants you to ask yourself is, were you suffering persistently from Heartburn before Christmas started? Has Heartburn been a problem for you or someone you know every day for three weeks or more? Or have you been taking over the counter remedies like Rennies or Gaviscon for more than three weeks?    If the answer is yes – make it your new year resolution to get it checked out by your GP so you can rule out that it isn’t a sign of something much more serious like oesophageal cancer.


Despite medical advances, the UK still has the highest levels of oesophageal cancer in the world. Every year some 8,000 people die in the UK from the disease – 1 a day in Hampshire. It is also the 4th biggest cause of cancer deaths among males.


Tim Underwood Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Head of Cancer Sciences Academic Unit at the University of Southampton, also the clinical trustee for Heartburn Cancer UK said:

“Don’t ignore possible early symptoms, if you have persistent heartburn – more than three weeks – get it checked out by your GP. Don’t wait until you are having difficulty swallowing before you go for help”

“Medicine to alleviate heartburn is so easy to buy over the counter, people don’t realise if you are suffering for more than three weeks or taking self-help remedies all the time, it’s time to get things checked. Getting seen earlier can make such a big difference if there is something more seriously wrong”

Heartburn Cancer UKs ‘The Burning Question’ Awareness campaign continues in the Basingstoke and North Hants area including Winchester, Andover, Fleet and Alton until the end of December. You might see our posters on buses or at train stations or perhaps you will hear our advert on the Breeze Radio. It’s encouraging people to question the condition to prevent deaths from the disease by spotting the early warning signs.

Mimi McCord, Heartburn Cancer UK’s Chairman said:

“The campaign is aimed at making people think more and ignore less. We have launched a great new information booklet to support people. If you would like to know more about heartburn, Barretts oesophagus or oesophageal cancer do get in touch and we can send you a booklet or if you prefer you can find it on our website with lots of other useful information”