The National Association of Sessional GPs (NASGP) recently invited Heartburn Cancer UK's Clinical Trustee, Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, to present a webinar on ‘Oesophageal cancer: what GPs need to know’.

The NASGP’s clinical sessions are aimed at locum General Practitioners and the many varied episodes on their website are produced to support their professional development with useful updates on different medical issues and relevant updates.

Introduced by NASGP Founder, Richard Fieldhouse, Rebecca's slot was on the 1st June and one of the topics she talked about was the importance of early diagnosis and how the Cytosponge™ fits into this.  In the webinar Rebecca shared a wealth of statistics surrounding incident trends and also the risk factors connected to this cancer.  She talked about how the disease is diagnosed currently and also about the emerging technologies being tried and tested.  It was an excellent update for our colleagues who work in primary care and we are currently exploring how it might be shared more widely with GPs.

To watch the webinar, click on the YouTube link below: