2020 was to be a year of new and exciting fundraising events for Heartburn Cancer UK.  In late 2019 we were approached by a supporter who was keen to raise funds and awareness for us.  Running events were not an option for him due to sporting injuries and he suggested he would be up for doing a skydive.  Fast forward a few months and HCUK had firmed up a couple of dates with Wiltshire company Go Skydive. Sadly, due to COVID-19, our first date in July was postponed but fortunately 2 of our jumpers deferred to the September date.  Then, a couple of new fundraisers signed-up so on the day we had 4 amazing and brave participants. 

And what a day it was!!  Huge thanks go to our courageous jumpers Allan Gavin, Graham Stead, Simon Grove and Steve Harris for taking part in this awesome day.  They all chose to jump the maximum height of 15,000ft - and to give you an idea, that is whopping 2.841 miles up!  The day started with an arrival time of 11am, where all visitors were temperature checked before entry.  Then off to check-in, weigh-in and to watch a training video.  The next step was to be fitted into safety harnesses, followed by initiation training and then the jumpers were ready to go.  Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and the wind picked up over 20 knots so flying was suspended.  It was a good opportunity for the pilot and professionals to take a break and for our guys to get nervous...  After an hour or so the weather calmed down and clearance was given - another harness check, gloves and masks in place and off to the plane they went. 

The supporters on the ground waited patiently for their loved ones to appear in the distance, first as a dot and after gradually getting closer we were able to identify who was who!  The cheers and smiles upon landing from all confirmed just how much they had enjoyed the experience.  

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