HCUK is proud to announce it’s partnership with Serious Cricket, helping spread awareness of oesophageal cancer.

When Ray Illingworth died from oesophageal cancer last year, the cricketing world lost one of its all-time greats. 

Following his death, Darren Gough, David Gower, and Chris Cowdrey have joined voices with Heartburn Cancer UK, who are passionate about raising awareness of this disease’s early symptoms and increasing early diagnosis – the most significant factor in improving the chances of survival.  

The reality surrounding oesophageal cancer is that it kills about 8000 people a year in the UK (80% of the men) and most people have never even heard of it until someone they know is affected. 

If caught early, the disease is curable, but currently, about two thirds of patients only see a specialist when their cancer has already spread, meaning finding cure is less likely. 

Raising awareness really can help save lives

The most common early symptom of oesophageal cancer is persistent heartburn – heartburn or reflux that happens most days and is present for three weeks or more. In most cases, it will be related to something less worrying but if you regularly take over the counter treatments for reflux, a trip to discuss this with a GP, could, quite simply, save your life.

Serious will be helping raise awareness of Heartburn Cancer UK at its retail outlet and cricket centre through informative pop-up banners, which will be viewed by thousands of local cricketers in Hampshire.

Serious Cricket says, “We’re delighted to partner with Heartburn Cancer UK and as the approved clothing supplier to over 1000 cricket clubs in the UK, we have a platform whereby we can help raise awareness of oesophageal cancer within the cricketing community”.