Our Vice Chair and Clinical Trustee, Professor Tim Underwood, appeared on BBC South Today to express his concerns that people are not coming forward quickly enough to get their symptoms checked during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This means an inevitable delay in diagnosis which is very worrying.  Unfortunately, reduced services as a result of the pandemic will have had a huge impact on many cancer sufferers and their journeys, with life saving procedures and treatments being put on hold. 

This news piece also features 74 year old Terry Atkinson who talks about his oesophageal cancer diagnosis in December 2019, following a gastroscopy.  Terry initially thought he was suffering with a hiatus hernia, only to find out he had cancer of the oesophagus.  During recent months Terry has been treated with chemotherapy to shrink his tumour in preparation for surgery.  The date of his operation marks the start of major surgery for Professor Underwood and his team since the coronavirus lock down began and also the day normal cancer services resume at Southampton Hospital. 

We wish Terry all the very best in his recovery.

COPYRIGHT OF THE BBC: BBC South feature with Terry and Professor Underwood.