Those of you who follow our news section regularly will know all about The Cytosponge and the excitement surrounding our mobile diagnostic unit.  We are absolutely thrilled that staff from the lab where the Cytosponge was invented recently decided to fundraise for Heartburn Cancer UK as a way of saying thank you for our part in facilitating the mobile unit project and to assist with advancing it further in the future. 

Fundraisers on a sponsored trek

Rebecca Fitzgerald explained:

“We are always thankful to the patients and charities that make our job possible, so now it is our turn to help.  The new mobile unit that has been recently deployed in Cambridgeshire is proving very successful and the roll out of The Cytosponge in NHS Scotland is doing brilliantly. That is why we are confident more mobile units would be a great asset to the clinical team in detecting early oesophageal cancer and pre-cancerous Barrett's oesophagus”

On Friday 3rd September Fitzgerald Lab members, together with family and friends completed an 11-mile trek along the river Cam from Waterbeach to Ely and have raised over £2000.  It looks like they had plenty of fun in the sunshine along the way!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who walked and to those who have so kindly sponsored them, your generosity will have a huge impact on the diagnosis of Barrett’s and oesophageal cancer going forwards and really will change lives.