Have you lost someone you love to oesophageal cancer?  Would you like to prevent unnecessary deaths from this disease by helping us increase rates of early diagnosis, giving patients a better outcome and more time with their families.

Do you have Barrett’s oesophagus?  Are you passionate about ensuring people are aware of the symptoms associated with this condition so that any worrying changes can be caught BEFORE cancer develops.  Perhaps you felt confused or anxious when you were first diagnosed and found our information useful or our support community beneficial?  

Do you suffer with reflux? Would you like to see the Cytosponge available widely in The NHS for screening? Perhaps you have been able to take part in our pilot study or have found our diet and lifestyle information useful.

Are you, or is someone you know living with oesophageal cancer?  Would you like to support patient centred research projects, ensuring that those diagnosed in the future receive the most effective treatment, giving each individual the best quality of life and the best outcome possible

Be part of making positive change, by joining our regular giving community - E.R.A.S.E. - Simply pledge to donate to HCUK by direct debit on a monthly basis and help us E.R.A.S.E cancer arising from Barrett's oesophagus.

Monthly giving has a hugely positive impact on the goals we can achieve and on the projects we are able to plan for in the future. 

To thank you for your generosity, and to keep you up to date with the impact your donations make, all of our E.R.A.S.E members will receive an annual impact report, around the time our accounts are published along with a signed letter from our founder and chairman, Mimi McCord.