Rebecca Lab Team

Our Lab focuses on the early detection and treatment of oesophageal cancer and it is where the Cytosponge was invented:

We are always thankful to patients and charities that make our job possible, so now it is our turn to help!  The new mobile unit that has been recently deployed in Cambridgeshire is proving very successful and the roll out of the Cytosponge in NHS Scotland is doing brilliantly. That is why we are confident more mobile units would be a great asset to the clinical team in detecting early oesophageal cancer and pre-cancerous Barrett's oesophagus.

A Cytosponge device

On Friday 3rd September 2021 Fitzgerald Lab members, together with family and friends will be completing an 11-mile trek along the river
 Cam from Waterbeach to Ely. We would be very grateful if you could show your support by donating to our fundraiser.  Thank you!

Rebecca Fitzgerald