The importance of helping your GP to help you

This blog gives you some information on how and why it's important to try and help your GP help you. Read more

Classification of Barrett's oesophagus and new NICE Guidance

Following the recent release of published guidelines from NICE, Dr Stovin has given an explanation on the classification of Barrett's and highlighted some of the key points from the new guidance. Read more

Getting a referral from a GP

In this blog Oliver, HCUK's Trustee and Retired Dr in Residence, explains the rules that GPs have to follow when referring patients. Read more

What is NICE and when will their new Barrett’s guidelines be released?

In his latest blog, Dr Oliver explains why NICE was established and provides an update on when the latest Barrett's guidelines with be available. Read more

Surveillance Guidance for People Living with Barrett’s

You have received a Barrett's diagnosis, what are the guidelines from NICE and BSG on monitoring your condition? Read more

The Pros and Cons of PPIs

Many of those who contact us at HCUK have questions or concerns about the use of PPIs.  In this month’s blog Dr Oliver looks at the information from NICE about them and highlights important points that are worth noting. Read more

Happy New Year!

Some interesting diet and lifestyle information from Doctor Oliver to start the New Year. Read more

What does NICE say about treatment of reflux if you don’t have any serious symptoms that need urgent referral?

This is a really useful blog for those aged between 18-55 who are considered low risk of cancer or other serious conditions but who experience reflux. Read more

What symptoms should get you referred urgently to the hospital? Could it be cancer?

Our HCUK Dr (retired) in residence explains the guidance for doctors on which symptoms mean a patient should (or could) receive a referral to the hospital. Read more