On Tuesday 15th May Tobias caught the train to Cornwall and here is how his challenge started.

The night before...

After an evening of perfect pre-match preparation in Penzance (made up of mojitos and MiC), my temporary travel partner and I took a taxi to Land’s End the next morning and set off on the first of my >1000 miles! Though we parted ways after only a few hours, I forged on alone nonetheless (at a now-heightened pace) along increasingly rogue footpaths.

The first day...

The day flew by as my excitement fuelled me on, but I learned that I had been a little overzealous when – having gone off the planned route in an effort to push on – I realised that there was nowhere for me to find supper. I therefore had to trek a couple of miles SE to Breage (as seen on the final leg of the GPS tracker) in order to find a pub, but thankfully the gammon and cider special proved worth it.

An added bonus of ending the day in that previously-unknown village was that they had a free camping spot for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t clock until this morning that said camping spot was located at the bottom of a children’s playground. Safe to say I packed up pretty quickly, but what an end to my first day!


In his first week Tobias completed Cornwall and made lots of four legged friends along the way.  Here is as summary of his first week:

Cracked Cornwall, past beautiful and bizarre landmarks along the way, during which I made loads of bovine friends (only some of whom pursued me across fields). Highlight of the week was this random dog that joined me for a bit, helping to keep the ever-looming mania at bay for a little while longer.

Onto the next!