Roast Pork dinner

Some nights ago I enjoyed roasted loin of Pork with veg.  I thought this may have proved tricky, in fact, you might recall me saying that there was a time I thought I might not ever be able to enjoy any roast dinner again.  I had to cut the meat wafer thin, however all went well, helped by my trusty fizzy water and a cheeky glass of wine.  

I have sliced the remainder of the joint into wafer thin pieces and have frozen for a later date.  Perhaps Chateaubriand next?

Tonight, for round two, so to speak, I added Yorkshire puddings so as to have some surplus batter mix.  I will make crepes for dessert with maple syrup, lemon and limoncello ice cream. 

When thinking about what it means to me to have enjoyed this delicious meal I feel hopeful that we can achieve what I set out to when starting these notes – to make eating more enjoyable for those people that are suffering with oesophageal cancer or any difficulty swallowing - who perhaps just haven’t thought that things could be different. 

I believe that there isn’t a soul on this planet that doesn’t hold the desire for one thing, to be happy, food is a big part of that for me and I hope that my notes can help someone else feel happier too.