Recently I’ve been thinking about oesophageal cancer and breads and cakes, they have been pretty much a non-starter and I’ve been wondering whether this is due to my own attitude in not giving them a chance, so I decided to try.  I really enjoyed a panettone from an Italian paticceri called Loison, it’s texture is like a brioche, light and easy to eat, I would recommend it as a place to start. Incidentally, it keeps well and for a very long time.

Sourdough toast and jam

Following this I went all out and bought a sourdough loaf!  I got home and managed two slices with lashings of butter and of course fizzy water and then this morning I toasted it for breakfast.  So now I have no fear regarding buying a Sourdough bloomer, toasting and eating it. 

This week it’s my intent to try baking a Pantique (ancient grain) loaf which I used to buy in Warrens bakery in St Just, Cornwall.  It’s the nicest bread I’ve ever eaten.

If this Cancer wants a fight, it’s got one.  If it knocks me down I’ll bounce back up! 

So we will see…in the race for longevity of life, it’s nice to see an outsider doing well against all the odds, I am pleased with myself, so it’s onwards and upwards.