It was really hard getting back on track after my last round of chemo – but I think I am finally there.  

We’re lost souls if we accept defeat, I cannot let that happen , our own misfortunes can be turned into positive energy and shared with others. It’s up to us…

Today I have three food suggestions for you as a result of my renewed positive outlook.  The first dish was absolutely amazing - Loch Trout , marinated in lemon zest, dill, wild fennel, sea salt and pepper.  What a hit!  The boiled samphire on the side was also a first and also a success.

Marinated trout with samphire Raspberry and Strawberry Clafoutis


Just out of the oven is a Raspberry and Strawberry, clafoutis that you can also see above - which I can’t wait to try.

For something a little more simple and quick – but equally nutritious, try savoury pancakes.  I have made a fantastic discovery for sufferers.  The mix in the pan below is basically a packet of Waitrose prawns with Thai herbs, diced finely.  I added 1 spring onion, a little finely chopped Thai basil, a piece of romano pepper (finely chopped with skin removed) and seasoning.

Add to a pancake mix and cook in butter - that’s it!  The boundaries are endless regarding this dish, so many ways of doing it and very easy to eat. 

Finely diced prawns and veg in pan  savoury pancake on a plate


Lastly, for this week I want to share two important decisions with you. 

Firstly I’m aiming to grow vegetables.  Secondly (and most significantly) I intend to be around to enjoy them.  I’ve got to keep moving forward...I hope you will join me.