Screen shot showing 8000 steps I’m doing fairly well with the 8000 steps.  Most mornings I get out and start them off early, it gives me an opportunity to reflect.  I have such a gratitude for the gift of life and still being here to share it with you.  I’ve decided that once the challenge is complete, I’ll continue the steps daily. HCUK set the platform and I’m taking the view that in doing this each day it will give me hope, for every day is an additional bonus to my life.  Some days I may do a long cycle instead or more likely I’ll do both.  

Setting targets has been a large part of my survival plan and so I have today set another target, thus to reach 70 years of age - we live with hope.  I have a bold and meaningful opportunity because of HCUK.  I can show people that, if they wish, they can look outside the box, explore and make a difference for themselves.  This is a great position to be in and one I must take advantage of.

One more piece of positivity on which to end – I climbed a monumental mountain whilst in London yesterday, I went to a street market on the way home, bought a Mauritian style curry and rice.  Guess what?  I managed to eat the lot with no blockages and it was lovely.  I’d been to the same stall many times previously prior to diagnosis, same people, same food, sublime. 

I am proud of myself.