Good morning all,  

Crepe with ice cream topping

I have just been sat here thinking and it crossed my mind that it would be worth mentioning resourcefulness in amongst my thoughts on food.  Our condition prevents us from eating large meals which could potentially lead to waste, which to my mind is a dreadful thing.  In my last blog I mentioned that I intended to use leftovers from my Yorkshire puddings to make dessert and from my last two meals this week I had bramley apple sauce left over and so I made more crepes to go with them.  Waste not, want not they say!

This quick and easy dessert or snack (a tweak on the dessert I made following my roast pork) came from that thought process about using leftovers.  It’s amazing how a simple thought can produce something so stunning regarding ingredients and flavour but can start off as leftover Yorkshire pudding mix and leftover apple sauce!

I turn the Yorkshire pudding mix into pancakes - keep them thin, as being thick and stodgy won’t aid the swallowing and then I top with maple syrup, a spoonful of stewed bramley apple sauce, Limoncello ice cream and squeeze a wedge of fresh lemon over it all.  You could choose one or two toppings but why not treat yourself as I did and have them all?

You must try this, it's delicious!