I had never cooked a Roast dinner in my life but such was the disappointment of not being able to enjoy this meal that the following dish emerged. I hope the notes below will encourage you to try your own version of the great British roast!

Pre-heat your oven to 150 C and heat a pan with a little oil on the hob until it’s really hot.

The Lamb

I used a good quality lean lamb steak, dried the surplus moisture with a kitchen towel, seasoned it with orange, fennel, chilli, sea salt and black pepper (you can season to your own tastes, just salt and pepper would be equally as nice if you prefer).

Sear the lamb steak on all sides on the hob and then place straight into the oven dish in the pre-heated oven for three minutes each side (the goal is to keep it moist).   Remove from the oven to rest and then slice as thinly as possible to serve.


I used a nice green pointed cabbage, cut it in half longways and shred it with a knife as finely as possible. Discard the hard stalk.

Chop 3/4 of an onion as fine as possible (the remaining quarter will be used for the gravy). Sweat down the chopped onion in a little oil in a saucepan on the hob then add a good knob of butter with the cabbage and cover with water.  Add chicken or vegetable stock to taste with a sprig of Rosemary.  Not a lot of water is required but I use a little more as it’s useful for the gravy and also keeps the cabbage really soft and moist.

Yorkshire Puddings

Make a Yorkshire pudding mix, put a little olive oil into a cup cake pan (usually six of) get the oven really hot (200-220 C) and once the pan and oil is up to temperature pour a enough of the mix into each of the moulds, then straight back into the oven (Don’t open the door until they’ve risen).


Return the pan you used for searing the lamb to the hob and make an onion and red wine gravy, I use a little brandy to glaze the pan and some of the cabbage stock too.  (You could just as easily use good old Bisto!)


Serve with my faithful spiralised deep fried potato crisps.....Thank you Oesophageal cancer - you have paved a new way for me.