I’ve been thinking a bit about presentation recently.  Chemotherapy has left me with a poor appetite and I find that the look of a finished plate is so, so important.  Food with vibrant colours and rich flavours seem to trigger my brain into saying "I want to eat you" so I put a lot of effort into nicely presented plates because I believe it’s a big part of the reason I am succeeding at still being here!

This plate is so simple: lettuce leaves with finely sliced heirloom tomatoes, drizzled with a balsamic dressing.  Olives in oil with finely sliced garlic, poached salmon centre piece and Port Salute cheese.  Simple and delicious!  

However – sometimes you can create a lovely plate of food and just take an awful photo!!  It was too bad to share – but the recipe was a simple partridge meal that started off as a bit of chance.  I put eight Partridge breasts in a slow cooker on medium heat with two lemons and a bunch of thyme, light seasoning with salt and black pepper and to finish the dish I added at the end a few teaspoons of maple syrup to taste.  Served with baby boiled potatoes sliced and fried, mini sweet-corns boiled and lashed with butter and a sliced heirloom tomato!!  I would say it was an epic dish, food to die for - however I don’t intend to go quite that far…

On another note – I’m really looking forward to a musical feast this Saturday night.  Two great folk musicians, Geoff Lakeman and Rob Murch have come together to play on behalf of HCUK at a fab local pub and music venue, The Welcome Stranger in Kimpton near Andover.  I’m so chuffed to have been a part of arranging this fundraising event and can’t wait for a night of rattling folk tunes and foot-stomping ragtime!  

If you are local, a limited number of tickets are available by calling the venue on 01264 772 444. 

Maybe I will see you there!