As I conclude my initial challenge of 8000 steps a day (I'm astounded to have reached over 250,000 already) and look to continue them for my own wellbeing, a few reflections on the last month before I take a blogging break for the summer. 

At 67 I view myself like a vintage car, you all know the one, many bits missing, many bits broken, an engine that needs a total refurb, I’m not too bothered about aesthetics!  The whole point is to bring it back and make it work, well that’s my sole intent.  I’m not about to submit to this disease.   I fight mentally and physically and whilst doing so try and bring awareness to others and encourage all to put up that fight - and guess what, I’m still tiling roofs!

Pork steak in the garden

The mountain summit reached today was pork steak and veg.  Pork is without any question the hardest nut to crack, unless you’re a chef (which I’m not) it’s the hardest meat to keep soft and tender. 

I seasoned the steak then seared it on the hob in a pan and put it in a pre-heated oven on 180 for 8 minutes.  Then I deglazed the pan with cider, added stock from carrots and broccoli, seasoning and a half teaspoon of honey, job done, managed to eat the lot!

I’m just trying to enjoy life, there may be lots of people like me, I’ve been blessed to be able to share my story through HCUK, I can only hope someone else will see the light, dispel the demons diagnoses delivers and realise there are options.  There is an old blues song called It Ain’t Necessarily so, top tip, don’t believe everything you are told, cause it ain’t necessarily so!

My sincere regards to all for an enjoyable summer.