I am overjoyed at the end of the year to be able to celebrate another stable scan, all good for another three months!  I was asked the general expected questions; weight, this is stable still around 70 kilo, diet; swallowing; etc.  I’ve certainly cracked the code with food and also energy levels which are good - I can put a good days work in no problem!  The only issue really is swallowing on the odd occasion however I’ve grown to accept that now.  All positive really.  The oncologist indicated it was unusual to see someone doing so well with OC and that the overall picture looked very good.  I’m determined not to let it get me, I have plenty of targets set and I intend to meet them with success, let’s hope that together we can help other OC sufferers to do the same.  I’m convinced that they can.

My celebratory meal was Beetroot and goats cheese fiorelli with purple sprouting broccoli and heirloom tomatoes cooked with a bunch of spring onions and baby leaf spinach in garlic, cumin and olive oil.

I am convinced about the food regarding OC . As you know, I’ve struggled swallowing.  I can remember once at a pub trying to be brave standing at the bar and ordering a cheese roll, I tried to eat it only to find out rather quickly that I had to make a swift exit to the toilet to throw up, it was embarrassing and most unpleasant.  However, I’ve persevered and conquered the highest peaks regards OC and food. 

The rot set in after the course of Chemo when my appetite suddenly disappeared. It would have been easy to concede defeat and stop eating properly because I’m never hungry, BUT, as I see it, once you stop eating your body (the mechanics) malfunction and the cancer jumps in and takes you.  It’s a bloody hard fight from every corner to get the better of this.  With a terminal prognosis I’m still leading a full and complete life with (though far from easy) a good enjoyable diet.  My photos may present a false illusion of the truth of my battle with food, it isn’t easy!  Even now, after 21 plus Months (and no longer being on treatment) I’m never hungry, no appetite at all.  My meal this evening was a hellish amount of work to present something that I have no appetite to eat.  However, a colourful plate triggers the brain, so I’ve eaten it and am content, taste buds good, vision of creativity good, however, it is hard.

I’ll fight this with more aggression than any heavyweight boxing champion of the World.  Knock me down, cancer I dare you.  I’ve more strength than you, you’re merely a disease.  I am alive and intend to stay that way! 

I’ve just been blessed with another three Month reprieve from my recent scan results, I’m humbled and feel so, so lucky and I want be able to share that luck with other sufferers.

As the New Year rapidly approaches, I have much to celebrate regards 2021, I’ve beaten OC to date, I’ve learned to cook, managing to also feed my wife who suffers with poor health. I have a fine job, a lot of music, passion for the arts, passion for the garden and a passion for good food.  I shall only be able to enter 2022 with optimism.  I hope you will also celebrate my thoughts with the same hope and optimism. 

With my very best Christmas and New Year wishes,