The Cancer is stable!  

No more chemo and no further interruptions for three months, at which time it will be scan and blood test.  I’m celebrating in my working clothes at the yard clearing up.  

Once I’ve had enough I’ll cycle home.  I think they are getting to know me at Winchester hospital now.  I’d finished my appointment and was awaiting my lift home when one of the specialist nurses, Alex, came out to see me and mentioned how well I looked.  With that comment and the sunshine, my day was a real good one.

River view in Hampshire

Some time ago I set myself some simple targets, one of which was to see the wallflowers I had planted in my garden bloom this spring - they are almost ready.  I’ve planted my shallots and some late season sweet peas are another target, as are field mushrooms.  I have a Birthday soon which I’ll surely make.  I’m optimistic as always and I’ve got a hunch I’ll be starting myself some more targets too. 

The pictures in this instalment are views from my work project, which inspires me to continue on this journey every day, perhaps it will help inspire you to do the same?

Live every day with thought that it’s your last, enjoy every moment, isn’t that what we’re here for?