My oesophageal food journey is really interesting, new twists and turns, constantly trying new ideas - I’m actually amazed at what I manage to construct and eat. 

This week I had a triumphant success with raspberry clafoutis, something I have tried previously with both strawberry and rhubarb but not got quite how I wanted.  It made me smile to myself that this delicious and delicately flavoured dessert is the first dish I have made that I would categorise as soft food.  It was so good that I am on a mission now to find some more options for those of you with a sweet tooth!

Here are a couple of photos, one mid construction and another just before tucking in!


The prescription drinks remain buried behind the logs and now also the lawnmower in my shed.  Perhaps one day I will need them, but I remain hopeful that I won’t. 

Today has been very good.