At Christmas I had what I feel was my first genuine experience of what pushing myself to eat proper, nutritious food has allowed me to achieve.

Fillet of Sea Bass

I was invited to a friend’s house for a celebratory meal. Paul, Caroline and their grown-up children did no less than present a three-course meal for the occasion.  First course, a prawn cocktail, second course, fried fillet of Sea Bass served on a bed of Sauté new potatoes (finely cut) with a parsley purée and an onion purée followed by a dessert of Raspberry Clafoutis which was soft, fragrant and tasty (because, as we know, good taste is absolutely essential).

This family know my situation, they discussed what they would do to try and make this meal work.  Immense success was achieved and I’ll never forget what they did.  I managed to eat the three-course meal with total delight, I did not have to use the aid of fizzy water and I managed to sit down and eat this at the table.  (No street food eating for this celebration!)

As important as the food, what was created here was ambience, fun, banter and laughter.  I feel I really only accomplish this when in fine company and sharing quality cuisine.  I believe that eating quality food, nutritious and healthy, in this kind of environment is important to the wellbeing of almost every soul on the Planet.  It was the best day I can recall in a very long time.  This type of experience makes you feel good about yourself, it’s life enhancing and fun.  I didn’t even think of Cancer on that day.  My question to myself is this:  What fun would there have been had I taken the soft diet and prescription drinks route?  Answer, none.  Not for me.  The four of us shared exactly the same food because of the thought, care and effort that was put into that meal and it provided a memory that will stay with me forever.

If I had not put up this dietary fight, it could never have happened.  I encourage all those who live with dysphagia to think about my methods and to perhaps try one or two ideas.  My belief is that it will provide a sense of well-being, hope and enjoyment of good food and company.