I’ve been off of chemo for best part of a week, such a welcome break.  I had breakfast prior to going to work this morning and for the first time since I started treatment my taste has returned! I feel pretty good about that. 

Restored coffee table

Hopefully it can deliver a message to others that sometimes we have to endure a lot, but if we’re strong and have belief of victory things can easily spin back in our favour.  It’ll only last 'till I resume the chemo on Wednesday, however, it delivers a message of hope and for that I am grateful.

My current overall update is as follows: I continue to work on the building renovation project and what a great project it is!  My health, well, I’m still feeling ok, however we don’t know what’s going on within our body so I live in hope.  I’ve just had a scan and await now the results and a consultant appointment. I’ve also recently finished restoring this piece of furniture I salvaged from a bonfire.  I can’t stop doing things! 

Oh - here’s a little recipe you may like:

Chicken , Ginger and Spring onion

We cooked a Poussin a day or so ago so I started by stripping the carcass of the remaining meat and preparing a stock.  Next, I finely grated a 1 inch piece of ginger and finely chopped four shallots. 

Add everything to the wok or frying pan with a little water and seasoning then cook it through, till hot, with the lid on.

Serve with angel hair noodles.  I added these once cooked to the wok and spun it all together.  For us sufferers ensure the noodles are cooked until soft and I add a little olive oil to them prior to spinning them in the wok.

I think this dish would work equally well with beef fillet.