So, there was another game changer that happened on the day of the epic meal.  My friends and I exchanged Christmas gifts and Paul and Caroline very kindly gave me a Sous Vide machine – a water bath for cooking.  On the evening that I used it for the first time, I stood in my kitchen and ate a whole chicken breast, for the first time in a year.  I nearly cried with joy.  Amazing hasn’t got enough letters in it!   I went to bed that night dreaming about what to cook next… 

Anything you want in life you have to fight for, I’m fighting for longevity of my own life, I think I’m doing well but I will feel a whole lot better if I can play a part in helping someone else by presenting opportunity and hope.   

I’m certain that had I taken the easy option of prescription drinks and soft foods I wouldn’t be here today.  My weight went down to 66kg at one point, by working hard on dietary issues I’m now up to 70.5kg, that’s a massive difference and I’m taking it as a win! There have been times when I thought I’d no hope but I don’t see it like that today.  The Sous Vide water bath cooker has proved a game changer, everything I cook is so soft and easy to eat, I see it as a must have for oesophageal cancer sufferers who want to work in an unorthodox way as I’ve chosen to do.  

I am so enthusiastic regarding life and I have to get the message out there - Don’t just believe what a system expects you to believe, ask yourself questions, examine all the options and choose a path that will get you through, the path that feels right to you.  The path to happiness is every person’s desire.