Firstly, A Happy New Year to everybody.  We’ve had some great feedback on the blog over the festive period which is really encouraging.  If you have any comments or ideas it would be great to hear them.

One Sunday, just before Christmas, I had somewhat of a mountaineering expedition to achieve what I wanted regarding dinner.  I had got fed up with spiralised potatoes so I tried something else for a change.  I bought some King Edward’s, peeled and cut them into 15 mm cubes, heated some olive oil in a roasting pan, seasoned and roasted the cubes till crisp.  I served them with a Swordfish steak.  It was a big gamble, however one which paid dividends. The texture of the fish is very much like Chicken, so that’s now on my list of things to try.  I’m always looking for a new challenge and more good food for the soul.

Since my initial attempt at the cubed potatoes I have had two further goes and I think that now I have cracked it!  King Edward’s, cubed as above, par-boiled and then roasted in olive oil with chopped rosemary. 

In the image you can see here I served them with thinly sliced Venison, the other twist was an onion and Juniper gravy.   It was certainly a worth-while mission.