This week’s blog is a bit different – but I’ll start with a meal idea because I'm sure that's what you have come for. 

This week’s suggestion is Beer Battered Sea Bass, Triple cooked chips and a salad of orange, olives and balsamic vinegar (I got bored with mushy peas and tartare sauce).  Every day is a school day and today I learned that this combination really works…..My wife summed it up after dinner with the following remark

“Oh my gosh!  If you had a stand at a food festival you’d clean up!” 

Not being a chef, just someone trying to consume enough tasty calories to sustain myself, I really felt quite humbled by such a lovely comment.

Now, a thank you – to you all and to Heartburn Cancer UK who have provided me with a platform, whilst suffering with this horrible disease, to try and aid others in my position to see that they do have options regarding diet, if they want them.  I like a challenge to rise to and I shall continue to do so regarding my diet.  This blog isn’t for me, it’s for everyone that finds themselves in this unfortunate position and without HCUK I wouldn’t have known where to begin. 

So, for the next month (starting tomorrow) I will be joining The HCUK Big Step Challenge to fundraise and take 8000 steps a day in recognition that 8000 people die every year in the UK from the disease that I have and am ever more determined to fight.  Each morning during July I intend to take the same walk that I found myself on having returned home after receiving a diagnosis of terminal oesophageal cancer.  It’s just over half of the 8000 steps needed each day – the remainder I hope to complete during my working day.  I feel lucky that I am still in a position to achieve this as my initial diagnosis suggested I might not be here at all by now.

If you like my food related posts and have found any inspiration or ideas at all in my tales then maybe you will feel able to throw a couple of quid towards my just giving page, every donation will support HCUK’s good work and will be hugely appreciated – both my myself and the charity. 

Thank you