This delicious breakfast of mashed avocado, smoked salmon and toast has carbohydrate, fats and protein - and all you need to start your day off in good stead.  It forms a perfect marriage when accompanied by fresh pressed blood red orange juice. 

I feel like eating this breakfast is living proof that I can live with this cancer to some sense of normality without surrendering to prescription drinks and a soft food diet.  A breakfast equally as pleasant would be mashed seasoned Avocado mixed with a little sun ripened tomato (skins removed) and a dash of lime juice on a slice of well buttered toast.  I prefer to use a seeded loaf, more goodness from the seeds. 

There are some days when the path I have chosen on this journey is really tough, especially with chemo destroying my appetite.  But I keep focus by remembering that I have a wife, a lovely home, the arts, music, work that I love and great friendships.  Why ever would I consider conceding defeat to Cancer?  I am determined to fight to my very last breath, am not even considering the departure lounge.  I intend to show other patients that they too can win.

I have so much zest for life, so many goals to achieve, so many dishes to cook, music to play, art to view, a restoration project that’s dear to my heart.  How could I possibly give up?  The point is to focus on living with cancer, not dying of it.  I cannot give in - it’s just not me!