Oesophageal Cancer - eating when swallowing is difficult

Oesophageal cancer can cause problems with swallowing and make it difficult to eat normal consistency foods. This page includes lots of information from our Dietitian in Residence which may help. Read more

Book a holiday with Charitable Travel

Charitable Travel allows you to book a trip away ranging from the holiday of a lifetime, to a weekend away in the UK and donate to HCUK with no cost to yourself. Read more

Mobile Diagnostic Unit - important news

If you live in Cambridgeshire, suffer from Heartburn and would be interested in the opportunity to try The Cytosponge then please read on... Read more

Local Running Events

HCUK have places in hundreds of local running events allowing our supporters to raise funds whilst challenging themselves to achieve a personal goal and having an unforgettable experience too. Read more

Barrett's and Oesophageal Cancer Online Support Group

Heartburn Cancer UK have recently launched an online support group on a closed Facebook page. In these times of isolation for many we hope our group will bring people together to share worries and advice to those in similar situations. Read more


The Cytosponge is a new medical test that aims to improve early detection and surveillance of the condition Barrett’s Oesophagus. Read more

BEST3 Trial

One of our Trustees, Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, is leading the BEST3 Trial using the Cytosponge, which is hoped will make diagnosing Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal cancer less invasive for patients. Read more

Add-Aspirin Trial

Add-Aspirin is a large clinical trial taking place in the UK, Republic of Ireland and India. The trial aims to involve 11,000 participants to help find out whether using regular aspirin after treatment of early stage cancer can help stop the cancer coming back. Read more


The Oxford Clinical Trials Unit are applying for funding for an exciting new clinical trial for patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus. Recruited patients will be randomly selected to either continue with life long medication or have a device, called a LINX, fitted at the base of the oesophagus to reduce the symptoms associated with Barrett's. Read more

Mutographs Project

This Cancer Research UK ‘Grand Challenge’ project hopes to uncover some of the unknown causes of cancer. They will search for tell-tale signatures that are left in DNA by factors linked to cancer development. This knowledge will help scientists to understand how people can reduce their risk of developing the disease. Read more

Buy your greetings cards

Browse a selection of over 1300 greetings cards from our partner, Making a Difference Cards, and raise funds for Heartburn Cancer UK whilst letting your loved ones know that you care. Read more

Giving in memory

Giving in memory of someone special can be a positive way to celebrate their life, as well as being of great comfort to friends and family. Our tribute funds create a lasting memorial to your loved one and are completely personal to you. Read more

Start a support group in your area

Heartburn Cancer UK are committed to raising awareness about the dangers of persistent heartburn and are dedicated to helping those diagnosed with Barrett's oesophagus or oesophageal cancer.  To assist with this aim HCUK encourages the creation of Support Groups, ideally within a clinical setting and with the assistance of a specialist nurse. Read more

Our patrons and ambassadors

We are very fortunate to have the support of Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke as our Political Patron and Professor Laurence Lovat, Consultant Gastroenterologist at UCLH, as our Patron representing Medicine. We also have some wonderful ambassadors. Read more


Please take a look at our current and historic newsletters Read more

Our Appeals

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Information booklet

Pain when swallowing, difficulty swallowing, and food sticking can be a simple infection but may also be cancer can be starting. Constant lump in your throat could be cancer developing. Read more

London Support Group Events

Please take a look at this page to see our events Read more

London Support Group

Barrett's London Support Group hold open patient’s meetings at the Macmillan Centre, UCLH, on a quarterly basis, on the 1st Wednesday of the month, from 5-7pm. Read more

East Anglia Support Group

Welcome to the home page of the East Anglia Patient Group, based in Cambridge. Read more