At the National Cancer Research institute conference on 6th November 2018 a list of the top ten research priorities for those living with and beyond cancer was unveiled.  A shortlist of 26 questions was outlined and then, in a workshop with patients, carers and health and social care professionals a definitive top 10 was decided upon.

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In the words of NCRI Consumer Forum Chair, Richard Stephens, “there were tears, there were heated discussions, but in the end, we have 10 questions of importance to a large number of people living with and beyond cancer”.

he explains that, with the top research priorities clearly defined thanks to your help, we can now embark on the next stage of encouraging collaboration and accelerating efforts into plugging the gap in this area of cancer research. At NCRI we are now focused on working with our partner organisations, other funders, researchers and the NHS to turn these priorities into research and patient benefit.

The list of all 26 priorities can be viewed at the National Cancer Research Institute website.