Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas

A take on fish and chips that may be suitable for someone with difficulty swallowing or living with oesophageal cancer. Read more

Roast Lamb, Gravy and Yorkshire Puddings

Roast Dinner, with adjustments to make it suitable for those living with oesophageal cancer or difficulty swallowing. Enjoy! Read more

A few hints and tips

A few hints and tips about cooking and eating which may help those who have difficulty swallowing. Read more

A cooked breakfast

Notes on a full English breakfast for those living with oesophageal cancer. Read more

Two Soups

A quick easy soup with a tasty side dish and something a little more special...both suitable for those who have difficulty swallowing Read more

A few ideas to inspire you

A selection of dishes that I have found suitable and delicious as someone living with oesophageal cancer. Read more

A different way with potatoes

A change from my previously mentioned spiralised potatoes and some serving suggestions for those who struggle with swallowing. Read more

A reflection and an Asian style partridge broth

A tasty recipe for an Asian broth together with a short reflection on a difficult time - because it's impossible when living with cancer not to have a down day, even when there is so much to live for. Read more

Thoughts following a roast pork dinner

There was a time I thought eating any roast dinner wouldn't be achievable, here are my thoughts having cooked and enjoyed roast pork. Read more

Surely there's nothing better to eat than a crepe with tasty toppings?

A delicious dessert, made from leftovers to prevent waste and suitable for anyone suffering with dysphagia (or just anyone who likes pudding!) Read more

A wonderful day

Some very special friends put so much thought and care into a celebratory meal that, for a day, I forgot I even had cancer. What they enabled me to share will stay with me forever. Read more

A game changer

I am so enthusiastic regarding life and I have to get the message out there. Don’t just believe what a system expects you to believe, ask yourself questions, examine all the options and choose a path that will get you through, the path that feels right to you. Read more