An autumn treat

Malcolm brings us some great news and celebrates the humble walnut. Read more

It Ain't Necessarily So

Malcolm reflects on his achievements as he nears the end of The Big Step Challenge and enjoys a delicious meal in the garden. Read more

Taking steps and setting targets

Malcolm uses the Big Step Challenge to reflect on his condition and his situation. Read more

A delicious dinner suggestion as I prepare for The Big Step Challenge

Malcom presents an alternative version of Fish and Chips and talks about why he is taking part in The Big Step Challenge. Read more

Chinese style chicken noodles

Malcolm has an oriental offering for us this week, as always, tweaked to be suitable for those with oesophageal cancer or difficulty swallowing for any other reason. Read more

Anyone for pudding?

Malcolm shares his joy at creating the perfect clafoutis! Read more

A summer platter

Malcolm shares some ideas for a summery tapas style platter to share (or enjoy yourself) which he found to be suitable despite his difficulty in swallowing. Read more

Can my oesophagus be compared to a chimney?

Malcolm assesses his strategy to obtain the nutrition he requires with the use of home cooked food by comparing it to his work as a builder. Read more

Bean and spinach soup

A quick and tasty soup which suitable for anyone living with dysphagia or oesophageal cancer and which will warm you up during this rather dreary weather. Read more

It's National Vegetarian Week

Malcolm gives us a great little recipe to celebrate National Vegetarian Week and also talks about a mental challenge he was able to overcome. Read more

Celebrating good news

Malcolm shares some great news about his oesophageal cancer and reminds us to enjoy what we have, every single day. Read more

The quandary that is bread

Malcolm overcomes yet another personal challenge with a sourdough loaf! Read more