Celebrating good news

Malcolm shares some great news about his oesophageal cancer and reminds us to enjoy what we have, every single day. Read more

The quandary that is bread

Malcolm overcomes yet another personal challenge with a sourdough loaf! Read more

A glimmer of hope

Malcolm shares with us a simple little recipe, a message of hope and a renovation project! Read more

The trials and tribulations of chemotherapy

Malcolm's journey with oesophageal cancer isn't an easy one, but he faces the challenges with determination as always. Read more

A blog of two halves

Malcolm discovers an unlikely addition to his menu and introduces two delicious ideas for those living with oesophageal cancer. Read more

Tasty ideas and significant decisions

Some more thoughts, ideas and plans from Malcolm as we follow him on his journey with oesophageal cancer. Read more

Confit duck leg with orange sauce

Another delicious recipe and an insight into some of the struggles that Malcolm faces as someone living with oesophageal cancer. Read more

A breakfast fit for a king

Malcolm reflects on the reasons for his journey and suggests an alternative breakfast to tickle your tastebuds. Read more

Surprising sea bass

I recently made this outstanding sea bass dish which I adapted slightly from a mainstream recipe book, Great British Chefs - Hacks. It is important for us to remember, when living with oesophageal cancer, that, with a little thought, we can fashion many meals to allow us to enjoy them. Read more

A game changer

I am so enthusiastic regarding life and I have to get the message out there. Don’t just believe what a system expects you to believe, ask yourself questions, examine all the options and choose a path that will get you through, the path that feels right to you. Read more

A wonderful day

Some very special friends put so much thought and care into a celebratory meal that, for a day, I forgot I even had cancer. What they enabled me to share will stay with me forever. Read more

Surely there's nothing better to eat than a crepe with tasty toppings?

A delicious dessert, made from leftovers to prevent waste and suitable for anyone suffering with dysphagia (or just anyone who likes pudding!) Read more