...Is it really just heartburn? 

Did you know that persistent heartburn can be an early cancer symptom?

Very few people are aware of this potentially life-saving information. Many of us suffer from heartburn frequently and treat the symptoms by picking up an over the counter remedy from the supermarket or chemist when we do our shopping. But, if heartburn is present for more than three weeks, it is important to have it investigated by a GP, rather than relying on self-medication.

We work to raise awareness of this and to highlight the link between persistent heartburn and both oesophageal cancer and Barrett’s oesophagus.  

In the UK we have the worst survival rate for oesophageal cancer in the world with less than 15% of people surviving 5 years from diagnosis. You can help us change this. 

This shocking statistic is mainly the result of late diagnosis, because most people don't recognise the early symptoms.

Your donations help us spread awareness further, increase rates of early diagnosis and save lives.
Thank you.