Oesophageal Cancer is the seventh most common Cancer in the UK.

  Early Diagnosis Saves Lives.

East Anglia - HCUK Support Group

HCUK Support Group - East Anglia

The Welcome to the home page of the East Anglia Patients Group, based at Cambridge.

2020 - SAVE THE DATE - Westminster College, Cambridge - 25th September 2020
More information to follow

2019 - Mill Road Winter Fair, Cambridge  Saturday 7th December

Fine weather brought out the crowds and we had a busy day chatting to visitors and providing leaflets and information.

eastanglia fair

Although officially retired from the local committee, Dorothy and Nandor couldn’t resist visiting the stand and were soon handing out leaflets alongside several willing volunteers from the Addenbrooke’s team. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help us highlight the link between heartburn and cancer.!


2019 - Norwich Science Festival – Sunday 20th October
East Anglia HCUK Committee members ran a stand at the Norwich Science Festival. This was a new venue and we were kept busy all day by a constant stream of visitors. Knowing lots of children would attend the festival, we devised a simple fishing game based on the Cytosponge technique. This proved very popular and while the children diagnosed which of our ‘patients’ had Barrett’s Oesophagus we were able to talk to their parents about the link between heartburn and cancer.


2019 - Annual Event at Westminster College – Friday 20th September

Annual Event at Westminster College – Interactive Exhibits on Barrett’s and Cancer of the Oesophagus. The event was hosted by Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald and was very well attended this year. The families and friends of patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus, together with students and interested members of the public, were able to view some of the recent developments in diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

There was ample opportunity to talk to members of the clinical and research teams working in this area and to quiz them about the techniques and equipment on display. These included the Cytosponge as a tool for sample collection, a hands-on opportunity to try a laboratory assay used to identify Barrett’s cells and demonstrations of the use of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics in diagnosis. Also on display was equipment use in endoscopic treatments such as Radiofrequency Ablation to remove precancerous cells from the oesophagus and, new this year, a Breathalyser being developed to detect various types of cancer, including oesophageal cancer, by analyzing breath samples.

All the displays generated a great deal of interest and we are grateful to everyone who gave up their time to make the event so successful. In particular we would like to thank Owlstone Medical and Medtronic for their sponsorship and for demonstrating their technology.!

big weekend event

2019 - The Big Weekend Event – Sunday 7th July

HCUK East Anglia had a stand at The Big Weekend held on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge on Sunday July 7th. This festival of music dance and food allowed us to meet a wide cross-section of the public, many of whom seemed pleased to escape to the relative peace of the Charities Marquee. It was noticeable that several of the people we talked to took leaflets and literature not for themselves but because they had concerns for older relatives. Numbers visiting rose as participants in the morning’s Race for Life joined the crowd bringing a great deal of shocking pink colour to the scene. The Mayor of Cambridge (Gerri Bird) showed great interest in our stand and also took some leaflets to share with colleagues and friends.

2019 - Dorothy and Nandor Dobrovicz Retire

We would like to thank Dorothy and Nandor Dobrovicz for their years of contribution and hard work in spreading awareness to the public on Heartburn and Cancer Awareness. They have both been an inspiration and they will truly be missed.


They have been committee members since the HCUK East Anglia group started over 15 years ago and Dorothy has been the Treasurer for quite a significant part of that time. Hence at the age of 80+ have decided to retire from the committee but will still keep in touch and happy to help on up and coming events. Congratulations to you both.

2019 - HCUK East Anglia Event
Cambridge organised a very successful Science day on Saturday thanks to Irene Debiram and the MRC team.


cambridge 2

There were some imaginative displays illustrating their research projects particularly the Cytosponge with images of cells picked up by Cytosponge with Al Diagnostics. There was also a good turn out of committee members available to talk to members of the public.

2018 - HCUK East Anglia Event
Friday 14th September 2018 starting at 19:30 Westminster College Hall, Madingley Road,
Cambridge CB3 0AA

Event Includes: Interactive Exhibits on Early Detection of Cancer of the Oesophagus Endoscopic surgery demonstrations • Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) to remove pre-cancer • Laboratory assays used for diagnosis • Video demonstrations of surgery • How Artificial Intelligence can help pathologists

This event is hosted by Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald and open to all. Whether you are a patient with Barrett’s Oesophagus, a friend or relative or a student interested in Science & Medicine. Please feel free to come along

This is a free event Recommended donation £12 for 1 / £20 for 2 / £5 for students
Refreshments will be provided on the night

Experts at this event: Dr Maria O’Donovan - Pathologist Marcel Gehrung – Artificial Intelligence Adrienn Blasko – Laboratory Scientist Amber Grantham – Laboratory Scientist Sujath Abbas – Laboratory Scientist – Dr Massi Di Pietro – Endoscopist Dale Waterhouse – Imaging expert Dr Wlad Januszewicz – Endoscopist Irene Debiram-Beecham – Research Nurse Mr Vijay Sujendran – Surgeon Ayesha Noorani – Surgeon

Please contact Teyene Omwango to book your free tickets via:

2018 - HCUK East Anglia support group updates:

A wonderful group from East Anglia braved the cold for a day and managed a stand at the Mill Road Winter Fair on December 2 2017 , met many people and as always we never know how many see the display and think - 'perhaps I should be taking my symptoms more seriously'.

Our annual Patient Event in September, at Westminster College, was very successful, we followed a tried and tested format which included a presentation and a 'question and answer' session. It’s a warm and productive evening with good food and friendship.

Our Hauliers Project is being restarted, based on anecdotal evidence it appears that this cohort experience a higher than average incidence of Barretts, we will trying to engage the two main representative organisatioons with the objective of raising awareness and encouraging hauliers to take action where needed.

Another Tesco’s awareness day is planned for June/July 2018 in either Downham Market or Kings Lynn. They are very supportive.

A member of our committee is very engaged with U3A having given a couple of presentations which have been well received. Another Patient Event in September 2018 is in the early planning stage.

2017 - HCUK East Anglia committee held a patient workshop at Westminster College Hall on Friday 16th September, raising over £600 for the charity.

On the evening there were 4 work stations presenting the most current and future technologies for screening and diagnosis of Barrett’s oesophagus such as non-endoscopic screening, Transnasal endoscope known as EG scan mini-endoscope, Standard endoscopy and advanced endoscopy.

All of which were demonstrated by Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, Dr Massimiliano di Pietro, Dale Waterhouse and endoscopy manufacture Synmed.

The event was well received by those attending and everyone is looking forward to the evening next year.

East Anglia Support Group Meeting

HCUK East Anglia held a very successful awareness day at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. The stand was very well supported and the local radio station gave a short report on the event.

East Anglia Support Group

If you would like to know more, or, even better, come and join us, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Alastair Reid - Chairman

Why Heartburn Cancer UK Exists

As a recognised and trusted authority in the field of Cancer of the Oesophagus, we know that with your help we can make significant inroads in the Prevention, Detection and Treatment of this disease by focussing on 5 key areas of action:  


Education leads to a lasting change. We are working hard to influence public and social policy, to lobby politicians, to campaign for change, to promote greater collaboration amongst the medical profession, the public and the government. We are already in the process of developing a network of effective partnerships with businesses, the pharmaceutical industry, medical professionals and other like-minded groups. We intend to effect change and influence how this disease is perceived, detected, diagnosed and treated.


Our aim is to significantly reduce incurable oesophageal cancer in the UK.

Our renowned medical professionals, all experts in the field of oesophageal cancer, will continue to play a key role in research and trials designed to reduce the incidence of this appalling disease.


Early detection rates are vital to ensure a positive outcome. We are creating a communication network to facilitate greater awareness of the importance of diagnosing the disease early, identifying the symptoms associated with the disease and seeking medical help quickly. Oesophageal cancer affects everyone regardless of their race, gender or age.


We will ensure consistent support is available to everyone affected by Barrett’s Oesophagus, regardless of who they are and where they live. Information and advice is available to all those affected by the disease and to the people who support them, on our website or by telephone.

We need your help to bring this to the attention of your employees, friends & family or indeed anyone who might suffer from persistent heartburn!

You can make a difference. Perhaps you know someone who has suffered from persistent heartburn, Barrett’s Oesophagus or Oesophageal Cancer. Perhaps you run an organisation and would like to help. Why not make it your company’s corporate responsibility?


We are not content with standing still; we are determined to develop and grow a sustainable UK charity which continually re-invests to maximise the impact of its resources.

Working with UK businesses and voluntary organisations' our outward facing collaborative approach will ensure we are the first place to come to for reliable, up to date information about Heartburn, Barrett’s and Oesophageal Cancer.

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All you need to know about Heartburn, Barrett's Oesophagus, Oesopageal Cancer. If you need support we can offer advice. Please contact us on the "Ask our Doctor a Question" form, or you can join one of our Local Support Groups. You can also buy Heartburn Cancer UK Clothing and other HCUK Merchandise to help Raise Awarness and of course we would very much welcome a Donation to allow the charity to carry on offering free advise, Raising Awareness, Changing the Future and Saving Lives.

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